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Brain Hacking Update: Would You Like Ultrasound or Electricity for Your Brain Today?

Some interesting work being done by Virginia Tech and University of Arizona research labs on using ultrasound (very high frequency sound waves) on the human brain to improve mood and heighten sensory performance. Transcranial focused ultrasound (TFUS) is a non-invasive method to alter brain wave activity in particular regions of the brain. The University of… Read More »

An Electrifying Way to Charge Up Your Brain

Massaging the human brain with a very low power alternating (AC) electric current can enhance learning, including math skills, according to a recently published study in Current Biology. The research study used a transcranial random noise stimulation (TRNS) device to stimulate the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), a key brain area for arithmetic skills, while subjects… Read More »