New Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Encounter Forms & Templates

Updated Medicare Annual Wellness Visit exam forms and templates are now available. New additions include a complete Annual Wellness Visit record that every patient can take home: a personal folder with tabs for the Medicare Screening Template (My Wellness Schedule), “My Medications”, My Immunizations”, “My Health Care Team”, and more. View the entire Annual Wellness… Read More »

Health 2.0 Recap: Online Brain Health Tools & Healthy Gaming

The Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco earlier this week pointed to the future of what health care can become in many aspects: online, personalized, and real time. There are a number of new online brain health tools that launched this year at the conference, with many more on the way soon. Some of these… Read More »

Think Your Blood Sugar Level is Normal? Think Again.

A pair of research studies have recently pointed out the risk for cognitive impairment with elevated blood glucose readings, including levels that are currently considered high-range normal. In the first study, published in Archives of Neurology, researchers assessed over 700 people with Type 2 diabetes over a period of 10 years, looking at cognitive health… Read More »

Playing in the NFL Quadruples the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Adding to the drumbeat of worries about football and brain injuries, the science journal Neurology just published a study of over 3,000 retired NFL players that points to a 400% increased risk of Alzheimer’s and ALS, compared to the general population. What makes the risk of brain deterioration in these retired players even more striking… Read More »

The Difference Between Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity

  With a number of recent news articles referring to neuroplasticity (also called brain plasticity), and neurogenesis interchangeably (they aren’t the same thing), we thought it would be useful to highlight the differences between the two terms and offer a couple of working definitions: Curious about your brain? Take the Healthy Brain Test, and learn… Read More »

Is the Amyloid Hypothesis Dead Wrong?

After the disaster known as bapineuzumab Phase III, I think it’s time to seriously question whether clearing amyloid beta deposits from the brain has any therapeutic benefit to Alzheimer’s patients. The bapi Phase III results speak with a resounding “No”. We are still awaiting Phase III results from Eli Lilly’s solanezumab, but the current prognosis… Read More »