Memory Health Assessment

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to use a structured, science-based approach to measure and improve your memory health. Learn how to assess and strengthen your cognitive skills with MyCognition Pro.

MyCognition Pro is a clinically proven digital health app that enhances cognitive fitness through a structured method of assessment, insights, and training. Follow this reliable three step process to strengthen your cognitive health:

Step One: Take Your Personal Cognitive Assessment

Your journey begins with a personal MyCQ assessment, part of MyCognition Pro. The MyCQ assessment measures five cognitive domains:

  • Attention: The ability to concentrate on one or more thing in the environment while filtering or ignoring less important information.
  • Working Memory: Working memory is involved in the processes that require reasoning, such as reading comprehension, writing, and mental calculation. It is also linked with the ability to make decisions and solve problems.
  • Episodic Memory: Memories of specific life events – remembering past events personally experienced at a specific time and place.
  • Executive Function: The ability to strategically plan, act on the plan, and to change strategy if necessary
  • Processing Speed: The degree of skill demonstrated by a person in efficiently completing a task.

The MyCQ assessment can be self-administered and takes only 15 minutes. Results are immediate and accompanied by personalized reports showing progress over time:

Completing the MyCQ assessment also enables a personalized set up (for you!) of the AquaSnap cognitive training game, included with MyCognition Pro.

Step Two: Train with AquaSnap, a clinically proven cognitive therapy program.

AquaSnap is a scientifically designed, cognitive training videogame developed to improve cognitive function targeting the five cognitive domains, as assessed by MyCQ.

AquaSnap training works by encouraging the player to undertake increasingly more challenging tasks that are embedded in a video game. The tasks are designed to train specific cognitive domains:

AquaSnap training is personalized, dynamically adapting to your initial performance in the assessment phase. Train on AquaSnap for 15 minutes, 3 days per week, for optimal benefits. Get Started Today:

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