Mild Cognitive Impairment Test Online

Online Tests for Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a stage between the expected cognitive performance of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia. It’s characterized by problems with memory, language, thinking or judgment.

Signs of mild cognitive impairment include a “change in thinking” — this typically means memory problems, but it can also include planning and reasoning skills that could negatively affect higher function tasks like managing personal finances. Most people with MCI are able to continue to live independently.

Free Short Term Memory Test

A popular working memory test that is used in many cognitive and neuroscience research labs. Type the numbers you see into the box below. Most people are able to remember 5 to 8 numbers in a row. You change the “Span” of numbers displayed below.

To make this test more challenging, switch from Forward to Reverse order, and change the test speed from Slow to Fast. Click on the “New Test” Button to begin

The Number Memory Test

–   8   +

Other Memory and Cognitive Tests

1. MemoryHealthCheck is a free online resource to learn about human memory, the main causes of memory loss, and offers a new short term memory test based on visual images.

2. Worried about possible dementia or memory loss symptoms in someone close to you? Use the Alzheimer’s – Dementia Memory Loss Symptom Checklist to determine the probability of Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms related to memory.

3. Go to Brain Speed and Performance tests.

4. There are also several paper-based mild cognitive impairment tests available.


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