Alzheimer’s Caregivers: 5 Helpful Strategies

Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s is challenging. Many caregivers report high levels of stress like anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, and lack of concentration. There are over 12 million Americans providing care for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s, so we gathered advice from others who are dealing with the challenges themselves. Our list of the… Read More »

Mild Cognitive Impairment Tests

Testing for Mild Cognitive Impairment Mild Cognitive Impairment, or MCI, is an intermediate stage condition between normal cognitive functioning and Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia: Signs of MCI include a “change in cognition” — this typically means memory problems, but it can also include planning and reasoning skills that could negatively affect higher… Read More »

Common Drugs & Memory Loss

Several types of common over-the-counter drugs can cause cognitive impairment. People with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease face a 250% increased risk of cognitive impairment from these drugs. New research published in the medical journal from the American Academy of Neurology highlights several common medications that can cause memory loss and cognitive impairment. These… Read More »

Privacy and Monitoring Your Brain

Facebook recently announced its intention to acquire CTRL-Labs, a neural interface startup developing a wristband that can control computers and other devices. The wristband works by decoding electrical signals travelling through muscles in the forearm. CTRL-Labs will now be part of Facebook’s Reality Labs group. The CTRL-Labs acquisition (between $500 Million – $1 Billion) kicks… Read More »