List of Cognitive Function & Memory Tests

A list of cognitive assessment & function tests in one place:

1. Brain Speed and Performance Test. Measures cognitive processing speed and attention.

2. Healthy Brain Test. Curious About Your Brain? Take the Healthy Brain Test and learn about your risk factors for Alzheimer’s and dementia, and how diet choices, sleep quality, concussion history, and physical exercise can affect your brain health.

3. Short Term Memory Test. Remember the pictures that repeat during the test. Good performance is 90% accuracy on repeated images.

4. Memory Loss Quiz & Checklist. Concerned about the memory health of someone close to you? Use the Memory Loss Checklist and receive a free score.

5. Digit Span Test. A popular working memory test that is used in many cognitive and neuroscience research labs. How many numbers can you remember, both forward and backward?

6. Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) paper test. This is the same cognitive test administered to Donald Trump by the White House physician as part of the president’s annual physical exam. Download the MoCA Cognitive Test. Download test scoring instructions.