Concussion Treatment and Recovery Steps

After using the free concussion symptom checklist, several readers have asked for information on concussion treatment and recovery guidelines.

In response, we have developed a brief guide that summarizes current best practices for concussion treatment and recovery.

Concussions cause an acute energy crisis in the brain, primarily during the first 7-10 days after sustaining a concussion. In a process called the concussion neurometabolic cascade, the brain experiences a severe crash in glucose levels, along with reduced cerebral blood flow:

Concussion Neurometabolic Cascade


Giving your brain the time to heal during this critical 7-10 day window after a concussion is very important. Most re-injuries (additional concussions) happen within the first two weeks of the initial concussion, if normal activities and sports are resumed before *all* concussion symptoms have resolved.

The concussion treatment guide details the six concussion recovery stages, starting with complete cognitive rest, and ending with a return to normal activities when all concussion symptoms have resolved:

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