Cognitive Screening & Testing Report Released

Computerized Cognitive Assessment Products – Neurocognitive Screening for ADHD, Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury

Since our last report in 2011, the market for computerized cognitive assessment, screening and testing has continued to expand. Key drivers for this market and growing technology product base include:

An Aging Global Population: 500 million people in the world today are older than 65. Dementia rates begin to rise sharply in this group after age 75.

Increased Awareness of Cognitive Health Issues: Rising rates of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and sports concussions require standardized cognitive screening tools to help with diagnosis and treatment.

Advances in Technology Platforms: Portable cognitive screening is being enabled by tablet devices and internet access.

Over twelve companies and cognitive screening products are included in this report:

Representative companies and products include Cambridge Cognition (CANTABmobile), CNS Vital Signs, CogState (COGNIGRAM), HeadMinder, Medical Care Corp (MCI Screen), MedInteract (COGselftest), NeuroTrax (MindStreams), Psychology Software Tools (CAMCI), Screen Inc (CANS-MCI), Total Brain (WebNeuro), BrainFx, US Department of Defense, imPACT Applications.

Download the full report here.