Brain Health and Wellness Apps

The Health 2.0 Conference in Silicon Valley this week provided a forward-looking view on what health care could look like in the next several years. Many of the themes revolved around real time (and personalized) health monitoring, and the growing ability for people to take control of their own health care choices.

There are a number brain health and wellness applications that were highlighted at Health 2.0, including:

    Blue Marble Games: serious (but engaging) immersive games designed for neuro-rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries

    MoodHacker: a mobile app for depression intervention

    Mevoked: an interesting way for parents to keep tabs on their child’s emotional health

    RecoveryRecord: a mobile app for eating disorder treatment and recovery an entertaining & engaging method to address a serious issue – the rising suicide rate of working age men in the US, including military service members who have suffered brain trauma.

Mobile and online resources for brain health and wellness can be an effective way for people to get help in the “moment of crisis”, while waiting for an appointment with a clinician. Some clinicians may view these new apps as a threat to their current business model, but I believe that both consumers and health providers will benefit from the “instant access” use provided by these new applications.

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