Baseline Concussion Testing Guide

Baseline Concussion Testing for Sports Teams and School Athletic Departments. A Guide for Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Physicians, and Parents.

A number of high profile cases involving long term risks of concussions in contact sports has spurred sports concussion legislation in many states. State legislation will typically require mandatory concussion management policies that school administrators and athletic departments are responsible for implementing. Many schools are opting for computerized cognitive testing for all players as part of a concussion management process.

This guide is intended to provide a useful framework for schools and athletic departments to consider when implementing concussion management policies, including:

  • How to establish valid baseline concussion tests
  • Emerging research on concussion recovery time and process
  • Concussion signs and symptoms
  • Post-injury testing options

A product guide to computerized concussion testing systems, with sample baseline reports from Axon Sports, Concussion Vital Signs, HeadMinder CRI, and ImPACT Applications are included.