Computerized Cognitive Testing Guide Released

A Review of Cognitive Health Screening Tools

MyBrainTest has identified and researched several computerized cognitive health screening tools that can be administered in the physician’s office and other primary care settings to screen for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early Alzheimer’s Disease. Companies and screening products in this report include:

Total Brain (WebNeuro), Cambridge Cognition (CANTAB), CNS Vital Signs, CogState, HeadMinder CST, Medical Care Corp. (MCI-Screen), MedInteract (Computer Self Test-ALZselftest), MemTrax, NeuroTrax (MindStreams), Psychology Software Tools (CAMCI), and Screen Inc (CANS-MCI), with a designation of “Valid” or “Pending More Data” for MCI and early AD screening.

This 60 page report provides the following:

  • Summary and comparison of cognitive assessment and screening products
  • Sample computerized cognitive test reports
  • Detailed information on cognitive domains tested, computer requirements, total testing time, and published research for each product
  • Reimbursement guidelines for cognitive testing, including all available billing code options.

Discounts available to medical and professional associations (AMA, AAFP, ACP, AAN, APA, etc) for multiple copies.