Baseline Cognitive Testing in Sports Teams

This recent announcement from Axon Sports, a joint venture from CogState and Quixote Investment, points to the growing awareness that cognitive testing is an essential step in managing and treating sports related concussions.

The joint venture also highlights an interesting business driver — managing risk and health care expenses associated with concussions on the playing field.  A unit of Wells Fargo that provides school sports team insurance now includes the online cognitive testing product from Axon as part of its concussion care offering.

Axon, Cogstate, and Wells Fargo Insurance all highlight the requirement for baseline cognitive testing for all athletes at the beginning of a sports season, so a meaningful comparison can be made after a concussion or TBI.  The online cognitive testing model also keeps the cost down to under $10 per assessment, so it’s affordable for most teams and schools.

The imPACT computerized cognitive test is also widely used in school sports and professional teams.