Another Alzheimer’s Drug Candidate Bites the Dust

Add Baxter International’s Gammagard to the ash heap of failed Alzheimer’s drug candidates. Baxter announced today that Gammagard did not provide any cognitive or functional improvement in 390 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. The patients who were enrolled in the Phase III trial received the drug through infusions over an 18 month period.… Read More »

A New World of Personal Neuro Devices

Want to be able to see and monitor your brainwave activity on your smart phone? There’s an app for that – or there will be by the end of this year, based on demonstrations shown at the Neuro Gaming conference this month in San Francisco. By using consumer friendly EEG recording sensors, packaged in a… Read More »

Female and Male Brains Process Emotion Differently

If you’ve wondered why men and women can sometimes respond differently to the same emotional event, an integrated neuroscience session hosted by the American Academy of Neurology last month sheds some interesting light on possible causes. Larry Cahill, Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at UC Irvine, provided details on recent brain imaging research that indicate… Read More »

The Coming Ethical Quagmire with Brain Imaging Tests

With sophisticated brain imaging tests now making their way out of research labs or clinical trials, and into the doctor’s office, both patients and physicians will have to confront some important ethical and legal questions on how these tests are used. That’s the message from a seminar on amyloid imaging, hosted by the American Academy… Read More »

New Ways to Treat Addiction and PTSD with Cognitive Training

Imagine stepping into a virtual reality environment that recreates in amazing detail the sights, sounds, and smells of a past experience, or a setting that triggers addictive behaviors, such as a bar scene with a favorite drink placed in front of a recovering alcoholic. And then into this virtual reality steps a helpful digital avatar… Read More »