Medicare Cognitive Screening

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit – Consumer Information

Effective January 1, 2011 Medicare now provides an Annual Wellness Visit benefit, in addition to the “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam that occurs only in the first year of joining Medicare. The Annual Wellness Visit benefit includes several preventive health services, including “detection of any cognitive impairment”— essentially, this is screening for memory impairment.

MyBrainTest has received several questions from readers on cognitive screening tests for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. The following Fact Sheet is intended to provide useful information on this new Medicare screening service:

Download Cognitive/Memory Screening Test Fact Sheet


Health Care Providers – Annual Wellness Visit Templates

MyBrainTest offers a set of online Annual Wellness Visit forms and templates for physicians and health care professionals.

(1) Online Annual Wellness Visit Exam Templates/Forms. A complete online AWV documentation template system to perform the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit:

Annual Wellness Visit Exam Form Template

Annual Wellness Visit Exam Form Template

Manage AWV records online:

Annual Wellness Visit Exam Form Template

(2) A complete Personalized Preventive Screening Schedule for each patient:

Medicare Screening Schedule and PPPS Template

With this portfolio kit, your patients leave the office with a handy system that tracks their Medicare personalized preventive screening schedule (PPPS), and helps organize their medical records for the next Annual Wellness Visit:

(3) AWV Training Call for Provider Staff, AWV Support Guide: Providers will receive expert training on how to perform the Annual Wellness Visit, along with an AWV support guide:
Annual Wellness Visit Training & Support Guide

>>Get started with an initial AWV Portfolio® kit of 50 units, and see how your practice can increase patient satisfaction and also grow a new profit center. Click the “Learn More” button to choose the right AWV kit for your practice:


(Optional) Review Guide and Analysis of Cognitive Health Testing Tools, including:

  • Summary and comparison of cognitive assessment and screening products
  • Sample computerized cognitive test reports
  • Detailed information on cognitive domains tested, computer requirements, total testing time, and published research for each product
  • Reimbursement guidelines for cognitive testing, including all available billing code options.

Email any questions or comments on the Annual Wellness Visit template kit to: