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Sports Concussion Update: Pop Warner Starts to Shrink

19th November 2013 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

The Pop Warner youth football group shrank by over 25,000 members since 2010, according to several recent news reports. We believe this is the beginning of a long term decline in football program participation rates among grade school age to high school age players, who form the lower steps of a broad feeder system into […]

    Playing in the NFL Quadruples the Risk of Alzheimer’s

    17th September 2012 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

    Adding to the drumbeat of worries about football and brain injuries, the science journal Neurology just published a study of over 3,000 retired NFL players that points to a 400% increased risk of Alzheimer’s and ALS, compared to the general population. What makes the risk of brain deterioration in these retired players even more striking […]

      Caution on Radiation Exposure from CT Scans

      4th August 2012 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

      A pair of recent medical studies have raised warning flags on radiation exposure from brain imaging tests, especially for patients younger than 20 years old. The main culprit for excessive radiation is the computed tomography test, or CT scan. CT scans are X-Rays on steroids – the CT scanner uses ionizing radiation, which can damage […]

        Why Hitting Your Head 2,000 Times a Year is a Really Bad Idea

        16th June 2012 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

        The University of California San Diego School of Medicine hosted a wide ranging conference on brain health at the end of May. The first topic I’ll cover is a talk by Robert Stern, PhD, professor of neurology at Boston University. Dr. Stern is also Co-Director at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, known […]

          Pop Warner Football Modifies Rules to Help Reduce Concussions

          14th June 2012 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

          The Pop Warner youth football group issued new practice guidelines this week in an attempt to reduce concussions and head injuries among the more than 400,000 children who participate in youth football leagues in the United States. Pop Warner is a major source and feeder system for high school, college, and professional football – more […]