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The Coming Ethical Quagmire with Brain Imaging Tests

22nd March 2013 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

With sophisticated brain imaging tests now making their way out of research labs or clinical trials, and into the doctor’s office, both patients and physicians will have to confront some important ethical and legal questions on how these tests are used. That’s the message from a seminar on amyloid imaging, hosted by the American Academy […]

    Privacy and Ethics Challenges on Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

    20th September 2011 by Christian Elliott Comments Off

    A timely article in the medical journal Neurology speaks to some impending issues that millions of patients and physicians will be facing over the next decade, namely the possible early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in the pre-clinical phase, before functional cognitive impairment is present. New computerized cognitive testing tools and experimental biomarker tests are bringing […]